Hot Dog Catering Sydney

Hot Dog Catering Sydney

Are you looking for the best Hot Dog catering services in the Sydney region? We have been in the Hut Dog Catering business for over 15 years, and we know what it takes to satisfy your Catering cravings.

We have many Gourmet HUT DOG catering menu options for you to pick from:

Classic HUT DOG package

Our Classic package covers your basic HUT DOG needs. It comes with one type of sausage (either chicken or beef frankfurters), freshly baked bread rolls, heaps of toppings and sauces.

German/Continental Deluxe HUT DOG package

The German/Continental Deluxe package includes everything that the Classic package offers, but it gives you a more extensive selection of sausages to choose. In addition, you can select a German Bratwurst, cheesy Kransky and our gourmet vegan sausage from Suzy Spoons.

American HUT DOG package

Are you throwing an American themed event? Then it would be best if you tried out our American package. The package includes the signature HUT DOGS “El Gringo”, a Mexican influenced HUT DOG, “Da Hawaiian” an island-style HUT DOG with pineapple, bacon, cheese, crispy onions, and a sweet cocktail sauce. Finally, “The Brat” is our classic New York-style HUT DOG.

Vegan/Vegetarian HUT DOG package

Whether you live a vegan lifestyle or want to host a green event, our Vegan/Vegetarian package is your best catering option. The package comes with freshly baked bread rolls, a choice of two vegan sausages, many vegan/vegetarian toppings, and sauces.

Did you know that we can also create a customised HUT DOG catering package just for your event? Let us know your theme or what you have in mind, and we will come up with the perfect HUT DOG package for your needs.

Get in touch now to discuss your next Hot Dog Catering Sydney function today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.