German Catering Brisbane

German Catering Brisbane

Are you after some delicious German Catering for your next event or celebrations? HUT DOG catering + events are specialised in German Catering Brisbane and can help you create the perfect German menu for your next summer event.


Our crowd-pleaser is, without a doubt, our German Gourmet HUT DOGS. Our Deluxe package comes with various sausages, freshly baked bread rolls (white or wholemeal), typical German toppings like Sauerkraut and pickled gherkins. To top off the perfect German HUT DOG, we have traditional (e.g., sweet German mustard or our secret Currywurst sauce) and classic Aussie (BBQ and tomato sauce) sauces available for you to pick.


As a next option, we have created a traditional German buffet catering with many German delicacies, such as different sausages, Chicken Schnitzels, Currywurst, Sauerkraut, German breadbasket, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and much more.


Fancy some new and unique catering for you and your guests? You must try our German finger food creations. We have created a bunch of delicious finger food options such as:


–           Mini Schnitzel bites

–           Cocktail baked potatoes

–           Mini HUT DOGS

–           Smoked salmon rillettes

–           Mini apple crumble

–           Mini Pretzels


Do you need some inspiration or an occasion to celebrate your next German-themed event? The next German celebrations are just around the corner. Have you ever heard of Fasching (Karneval) in Germany? It’s also called the 5th season in most western parts of Germany. Check out our Events Calendar here for all upcoming Aussie events.


Contact us now if you want to know more about Fasching or our German Catering Brisbane. We can’t wait to hear from you.