Catering Gold Coast

Catering Gold Coast

HUT DOG catering + events offer great options for your next catering Gold Coast. Why not consider our Gourmet HUT DOGS for your next corporate or private event? It’s our most loved catering package and offers excellent options for everyone.


Sometimes it can be hard to cater for a bigger group, especially for people with dietary requirements. We designed our Gourmet HUT DOG packages to feed everyone, with different types of sausages, for example, beef, pork, or chicken, and a vegan/vegetarian option from Australia’s best vegan Suzy Spoon’s vegetarian butcher. The toppings for our Gourmet HUT DOGS always include Sauerkraut, bacon, tasty cheese, pickles, crispy onions. And because a HOT DOG needs some sauce, we have three delicious mustards, tomato sauce, Berlin Currywurst sauce and of course Aussie BBQ sauce available to give you just the correct number to pick from.


We never stand still and are constantly creating new and creative catering options for our customers. Have you seen our mouth-watering slow-cooked beef brisket catering or our delicious finger food? We also offer many side dishes, including different refreshing salads. Are you looking for snacks or some dessert too? Check out our organic Pretzel catering and our dessert menu.


We are your specialist for your next catering Gold Coast. To book your next catering with us, get in touch with us now.


HUT DOG catering and events is a full-service provider and organises hire equipment (e.g. tables and chairs, gazebos, glassware and more), can theme your event, offers entertainment options and event management solutions.

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