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We have made it our mission to be on the fore-front of innovative healthy and green events.

We know that event catering doesn`t have to be unhealthy and we know that the fairly significant negative environmental impact of events can be reduced if not brought down to zero by proper planning and CO2 offsetting measures.

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In terms of food & beverages we offer a range of healthy options such as:

  • Vegan and vegetarian catering
  • Free range and organic catering options (e.g. all our meat sausages are free range)
  • Healthy beverage options (organic lemonades and Kombucha on tap)

We also aim to source local products rather than imported (e.g. local craft beer) since transport has a significant impact on sustainability.

Healthy and green events
Vegan Pulled jackfruit burger with caramelized organic apple, deluxe coleslaw and organic BBQ sauce – no need to suffer

Apart from healthier food & beverage options we also offer a number of “green event initiatives”.

Green events mean working towards more sustainability of  the events by:

  • Analysing the impact of the event
  • Improving the sustainability as much as possible
  • Off-setting the remaining impact that cannot be reduced further with a number of measures

We offer a certification service and your CO2-offset can flow into a number of selected local projects that you can follow closely.