Smoked meat buffets

Smoked meat buffets

Nothing beats slow cooked smoked meat buffets for some great party catering.

The team at Hut Dog catering & events have mastered the art of smoking and slow cooking meat such as the humble beef brisket.

Our smoked meat buffets follow the tradition of an old fashioned American spread and offer the following options:

  • Slow cooked smoked beef brisket (e.g. in a roll)
  • Jack Daniels marinated chicken drumsticks
  • NY style Hut Dogs
  • Deluxe Cole Slaw
  • Corn on a cob
  • Mini baked potatoes with yoghurt herb sauce
  • Organic BBQ sauce, apple sauce, tomato and a variety of mustards
  • Donuts with Vanilla ice cream
  • and many more options available

This buffet is perfectly combined with our craft beer catering and a keg (e.g. of American Pale Ale) from one of our local craft brewery partners.

If required we also organize hire equipment (e.g. tables and chairs, gazebos, glassware and more) and can do the theming for your event.

Furthermore we provide great playlists, live music or DJs and other entertainment options.

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