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Mexican Hot Dog catering – for us that`s our famous chillie dogs, nachos & Guacamole, cervezas, Reggaeton…aiiiii Mamasita !

It just had to be a part of the Hut Dog™ family – the Mexican Hut Dog™ aka “Chillie Dog”.

This Hot Dog is popular in Mexico and California and it`s easy to understand why.

Our take comes with a smoked free range chicken Frankfurter in a white or brown roll topped with spicy chilly con carne, tasty cheese, coriander, sour cream and jalapenos.

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Vegan option available ! We are vegan specialists

Combine our awesome Hut Dogs with delicious side dishes such as Nachos, crispy French Fries, grilled and buttered corn on a cob and other optional extras.

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Our food is perfectly combine with our mobile bars  e.g. stocked with ice cold Coronas, local craft beers on tap from Australia`s best brewers or imported specialty beers.

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