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Branded bikes are the latest addition to our fleet of mobile food service stations and are perfect for green events, but also ideal for corporate events such as store openings, activations, or product launches as well as private events such as weddings, anniversaries, and much more.

Modern bicycles such as cargo bikes and E-bikes are part of a larger eco-friendly transport revolution that is already happening in parts of Europe and North America and we`re big fans of everything bicycle.

HUT DOG catering + events are very passionate about the environment and aim to be at the forefront of the green events movement, so we`ve been playing around with cargo bike for a few years now – with several event applications in the back of our mind.

Our branded bikes can get fully customized signage (front only or front, side, and custom umbrella branding available).

The bikes are very versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.

They have integrated battery-operated LED lighting and can get equipped with gas cooking equipment should electricity be in short supply or unavailable.

Hot Dog bike Sydney

Our branded bikes have changeable inserts and can therefore be set up in a variety of ways, e.g. as

  • HUT DOG stand
  • Donut stand
  • Mulled wine cart
  • Mobile bar
  • Ice-cream cart
  • Coffee cart
  • Juice bar
  • Dessert station
  • Retail display
  • plus custom solutions available

Our carts and bikes are part of our modular pop-up solutions and can be configured to fit into the tightest (less than 2x2m footprint) spaces and events from 20 to 2000+ people.

Our branded bikes are the perfect solution if you want to create some extra traffic to your site at low cost.

Contact us now to discuss custom event solutions.